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Each fall, the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival presents literary, media, business, sports and entertainment luminaries to audiences which number more than 20,000, the largest attendance of Jewish book festivals and fairs in the United States.

The St. Louis Festival also presents literary events, including: author presentations, book-signings and special programs, with newly released books on a variety of subjects, and authors of all religions, throughout the calendar year.

The 35th Annual St. Louis Jewish Book Festival
will run November 3 - 17, 2013

The guidelines for a book and author to be considered for a presentation at our November Festival, are as follows…

  • The book must be published in the year of the Festival; released in paperback or re-edited/re-released version also accepted.

  • If the author is Jewish, the book may be on any topic.

  • If the author is NOT Jewish, the book must have Judaic content.

Our Festival Bookstore, open during the Festival period, carries: current and backlist titles by the authors presenting at the Festival and recent books by local Jewish authors.

The guidelines for a book and author to be considered for a presentation with book-signing outside the November Festival, are as follows…

  • The book must be published in the current year/year of presentation; released in paperback or re-edited/re-released version also considered.

  • The book should be on a topic accessible to a wide audience.

  • The author may be of any religion.

If you would like us to consider a book(s) for inclusion in the Festival; for an event scheduled outside the November Festival; or placement in the Festival Bookstore, please have the publisher send the following items to our Festival Director Marcia Evers Levy (address listed below)…

  • a review copy of the book

  • any press materials available on the book

  • author bio info

PLEASE NOTE: If we require further information on your submission, we will contact you or your publisher.Please feel free to follow up on your submissions.

Local Jewish authors have the opportunity to have their books considered for placement in the Festival’s Authors Alley Bookstore, whether or not they have been selected for a presentation during the November Festival. The guidelines for local author book inclusion are the same as listed above, with the following exception…The book must be recent…within the last few years.

  • To sell a local author book in the Festival Bookstore, ten (10) copies of the book must be brought to the Festival in the Fall, 1 month prior to the start of the Festival.  Books will not be accepted earlier.  The Festival will not order local books from publishers or suppliers.

  • Indicate the price at which books should be sold. Books must be clearly marked with the price. The Festival Bookstore takes a 25% commission on all local book sales.

  • Books must be delivered to the Cultural Arts Department in the A&E Building and received by a staff member. Author contact information must be included with books.

  • The Festival will return any unsold books and reimburse author or designated beneficiary for books sold.

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St. Louis Jewish Book Festival • Jewish Community Center • Staenberg Family Complex • Arts & Education Building
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