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St. Louis Jewish Book Festival:

“Of the many events I am invited to attend and participate in, the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival was easily the most hospitable, friendly, welcoming one - in other words a 'heimish' experience.”
--Theodore Bikel

“From my very first experience with the festival there was total professionalism, class and efficiency.  They all made me feel extremely comfortable and I ask, quite simply, "How could it possibly NOT be SUCCESSFUL!”
--Al Clark

“The St. Louis Jewish Book Festival rocks!  Their love of the written word, support of authors, and attention to detail were obvious.”
--Wendy Wax

“The St Louis Jewish Book Festival is a terrific event - smart, interesting people and a lively array of authors.”
--Linda Fairstein

"Every Jewish author knows that the St Louis Jewish Book Festival is one you don't want to miss. You always know there will be an enthusiastic and engaged audience. It's like getting to attend your book release bat mitzvah!"
--Annabelle Gurwitch

“The St. Louis Jewish Book Festival is one of the great gatherings of reading, education, and hospitality around the country. The physical setting is impressive; the hospitality first rate; and the audience enthusiastic. I look forward to sharing new books there in the years to come.”
--Andrew Gross

“There's a particular energy at the St. Louis JBF that makes me want to write another book so I can go back again. The welcome is warm, the audience is intelligent and engaged, and people line up to buy books after the talk. What else could an author wish for?“
--Judith Fein

“Great event for authors and readers alike!  This festival attracts a large, smart, book-loving crowd, and it’s well organized and publicized.”
--Cindy Chupack

“All other bookfests, take note: St. Louis Book Festival director picks me up at the airport holding my book and vegan chocolate cake. TOP THAT.”
--Lisa Bloom

“What a wonderful place and wonderful community of interesting and lovely people.”
--Rose Levy Beranbaum

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St. Louis Jewish Book Festival • Jewish Community Center • Staenberg Family Complex
2 Millstone Campus Dr. • St. Louis, MO  63146 •